Pushing Forward

I recently heard someone say that the only people who never fail are those who never set out to achieve a goal.

For a long time, I allowed my fear of failure to rule my life. I had low self-esteem and every time I tried something and failed, my fragile self-esteem sunk to new lows. To be honest, I still struggle with self-esteem issues. It’s an ongoing battle.

If I never take a risk, chances are I’ll never be disappointed. On the other hand, if I never take a risk, I’ll never succeed either. Fear of failure continues to plague me. But I’ve resolved to not let my fear continue to make a coward out of me.

I believe fear and cowardice are two different things. Courage isn’t the absence of fear. Courage is feeling the fear and pushing forward anyway.


2 thoughts on “Pushing Forward

  1. Hi Altea,

    honest post,like diary. I like it.
    Fear is not real. We where born with only two fears. The fear of falling and fear of noise. All other fears were imposed in our life by others, by parents, by society ,by main media.

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