25 Day Blog Challenge – Day 5

Favorite movie.

This is an easy one. Dirty Dancing!

In my opinion, there’s no question that Baby and Johnny’s story is and will always be a classic. Not only is the combination of dance scenes and musical hits a foolproof formula, watching Baby go from awkward wallflower to dance floor goddess makes it seem so much more real. I can identify with Baby. Her journey is inspiring. If she can blossom, maybe I can too.

Baby first runs into Johnny when she carries a watermelon to a staff after-party at the resort where she’s spending the summer vacation with her family. Their initial encounter is more than a little awkward. When Johnny asks what she’s doing there, she replies that she “carried a watermelon” and then curses herself for uttering such an inane answer. Baby is, in essence, every girl who has ever found herself at a loss for words in the presence of a handsome man.

The best thing about Dirty Dancing is that the slightly nerdy, cute but not bombshell, girl gets the leader of the cool guy gang without having to change who she is at her core. She stays Baby all the way. She doesn’t pretend she is someone else just to please the crowd. And that’s why Johnny falls for her.


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