25 Day Blog Challenge – Day 20

What is my favorite hobby?

Decluttering. I love decluttering. My only problem is that I never collect enough junk to be able to launch into a proper decluttering session. I’m thinking that I should start offering my decluttering services to other people. I’m really good at it!

If you’re a pack rat, think about the following…

Decluttering, minimalism, and simplifying your life go hand in hand. Freeing yourself of possessions (junk) is a liberating experience. Excessive material consumption can be draining and stressful, not to mention damaging to your bank balance. Keeping up with the Joneses gets exhausting in the long run. So why do it?

Decluttering helps you realize what you truly want. It’s your life! In terms of possessions, all that matters is what you want, not what everyone else thinks you should have.

What everyone else wants is irrelevant. You only get one life to live so finding out what brings you contentment is crucial. Keep what brings you joy and take everything else out to the trash. Use it or lose it. And if you need any decluttering assistance, head on over to the contact page and send me a message.


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