25 Day Blog Challenge – Day 25

How do I feel about posting my 25th blog entry?  


No, I’m kidding.

To be honest, I’ve enjoyed the challenge. It has been both surprising and thought provoking. The process forced me to dive into some serious introspection. I’ve learned a couple of things about myself. While answering the questions in this challenge, I wound up reevaluating what I thought I knew for sure. I would call it a journey of self-discovery.

What’s next for me now that I’ve completed the 25 Day Blog Challenge? I’m going to keep working on my novel, of course. As for blogging, well, I’ve joined the #MondayBlogs clan. My plan is to focus on my novel from Tuesday to Sunday and save the blogging, twittering, and facebooking for Mondays.

Bottom line: if you haven’t tackled a blog challenge yet, I highly recommend that you try it.


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